Servers Model

Model CPU RAM Hard Disk Bandwidth Price
Dell Poweredge
X5670*2 64GB 1T HDD 50Mbps $480
Dell Poweredge
X5650*2 64GB 1T HDD 50Mbps $460
HP ProLiant
DL320e G8 v2
E3-1231v3 16GB 240G SSD 50Mbps $300
HP ProLiant
DL380e G9
E5-2620v3 16GB 240G SSD 50Mbps $330
Huawei Fusion
RH2288 v3
E5-2609V3 16GB 1T HDD 50Mbps $400


Dashboard Access

24/7 access to dashboard on desktop, smartphone or tablet.You can shutdown,reinstall the OS or boot the system through the panel, and view the traffic information on panel

100% Uptime

We makes sure all power sources go through UPS which is backed by diesel generators. This ensure 100% uptime when it comes to power.

Private Network

Connect all your servers privately utilizing private IP thus avoiding using any public traffic that can count against you in terms of traffic billing.

24*7 hours support

We provide 24 hours of remote assistance, as well as all-day server hardware management

Contact with us

Divide details about your product or agency work into parts. Write a few lines about each one and contact us about any further collaboration. We will responde get back to you in a couple of hours.