service quality


Free Chat

24-hour service for you, a hardware problem longest response time 2 hours.


Verified Users

Every servers and network devices operation is authorized, you can rest assured that your service is safe.



The access control system records the information of each person's access.


Announce IP Perfix

Announce customers own IP perfix,include IPv4 and IPv6,no setup fee.Once you have submitted the LOA, we will take effect within 2 days

UPS Backup

We makes sure all power sources go through UPS which is backed by diesel generators. This ensure 100% uptime when it comes to power.


We provide BGP network, including KT/SK/NTT/HE/GCX/CN2.You can also contact us, for your service targeted to modify the routing

Free Moving and setup

We have no setup fees, if your servers in South Korea other IDC and need to transfer to our DC, just contact us, we will be free for you to transport the servers

Contact with us

Divide details about your product or agency work into parts. Write a few lines about each one and contact us about any further collaboration. We will responde get back to you in a couple of hours.