China Direct Connect (CN2)


CN2,(ChinaNetNextCarryingNetwork),China Direct Connect reaches at Gateways and delivers online contents to Chinese end users via CN2 from CT (China Telecom).In this way, our network to the Chinese network minimum 22ms

China Telecom, the largest telecom company, set up its private lines called CN2 to provide faster Internet services for the Chinese eyeballs. Hence, Moack using CN2 is able to exchange traffic at a fast and reliable rate
  • The number of gamers may significantly decrease due to dissatisfaction of gamers and eventually it affects the game company‚Äôs sales. If use CN2,It willimprove the network connection between China and Korea
  • Video conference if not smooth, will greatly affect the efficiency, if you use CN2,You can be very fluent in the global exchange of data
  • Many Chinese people like to play korea games, as a game accelerator, use CN2, to provide a lower latency, will get a lot of Chinese customers

Faster than ever

Based on China Telecom CN2, we offer unparalleled low latency and speed to ensure global fast connectivity


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If you are not satisfied with our products, We provide a 15 day money back guarantee on all new services


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Especially for Chinese customers, their demand for foreign services latency is getting lower and lower, South Korea from China near, plus CN2, the lowest only 22ms